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Contact us: Arizona unique landscaping 480-401-9208
Contact us: Arizona unique landscaping 480-401-9208

Add a little back  yard feature with a little rinse off before walking back into the house or just a rinse off before hoping into the pool. Your choice, let us build you the shower you deserve with your stay-cation back yard fun.

How do we do it? This is an easy process we sit down and listen to what your say, we focus on your vision and we feel like we have your vision we go back to our work bench and draw out the plans, show you them and then begin work. Depending on permits we usually get right on the project and get it done as soon as we can so you can enjoy the build. Installing a back yard shower is something that all your friends and neighbors will want after seeing what we put in for you.

Back yard showers have so many uses, one of which is washing pets, rinsing off before hoping into the shower and out of the shower.


This look is a very fun look to do for your back-yard retreat. If you are looking for a change within a budget then give us a call to schedule your very rewarding look for your next weekend get together. We don’t have to do much convincing, just look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

Contact us: Arizona unique landscaping 480-401-9208
Hire us Arizona Unique Landscaping in Chandler, Arizona serving All of Phoenix Metro Area. Call us today (480) 401-9208
Contact us: Arizona unique landscaping 480-401-9208

Dress up your back yard with a Pergola and invite your guests to stay a while longer.

Homeowners who have discovered the merits of relaxing in their backyards are often considering pergola, it is an easy way to add an addition to your home and possibly increasing the homes added value.

Imagine sitting in your backyard sipping on suds on a nice rainy day listing to the rain drops hitting the ground while you slurp your drink. As you look up in the sky from sitting dry inside your pergola, thinking to yourself “man, Arizona Unique landscaping did an amazing job. The hard part is asking your neighbors why they are sitting there enjoying your pergola while you are away.

Okay, now that we convinced you to having us build this for your backyard you maybe wondering the expense. Just like everything else there really is no set price depending on one’s budget we can build one for you for as low as … call for pricing.

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